SoundGarden Music Video

Helped do Compositing and Animation in this video. The majority of this was animated and composited in after effects.



I Drew this last night.

Everyone seems to be reviving their blogs so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

When I started drawing this I didn't know what I was going to drawing. I made it up as I went along. I started with the guy on the left. For some reason I had him looking up so I thought a little fly would be best fit for the pose I ended up drawing. The guy on the right was initially going to just a separate drawing but half way through I decided to incorporate him into whatever the other guy was doing. Thats why he doesn't look anchored to the same ground. Again with him Didn't know what I was gonna do until it happened. Still trying to figure out that anatomy.



Drawing of self done for Valentine Greeting to my Lover.


Untitled...5 Second Short Day

Recent animation done with some peoples at work.


Demon Design

Started to work on this a bit last week. This is gonna be one of my other projects along with my sculpture that I just posted.
This is the start of my Design for a Demon. I plan on animating him eventually but got to work on the design and get it to something I really like. I take my time with these things because I like to think them through so that I am fully satisfied. It will be a while before I finish it but hopefully not too long.


Recently some friends and I at the studio have started to learn some sculpting. We are currently working on our first sculptures. This is mine. I wanted to do something simple but cool so I thought this Basic shaped robot would do the job. So far i havent thought out the entire detail and texture of the body but ill worry about that when i get to the sculpey part. For now I have completed my armature without its base.


More Drawings

Guy Flying out of Clouds

This one was a drawing i did to imitate the style of WBs road runner bgs.

Quick Drawing using a character idea from my previous sketches
My idea of what a Space Jockey, from the movie ALIENS, might look like.


Drawing club @ Titmouse on the "Dark Side" Drawing Week One.
A few of us at Work who reside on the "Dark Side" have decided to do a weekly drawing for show and tell to improve our drawing ability and produce more personal and extracurricular art. Completely NON-WORK Related. This piece isnt finished to its entirety and I might be making a few tweaks. In addition to my new piece for next week I will also be trying to complete this one as well.


A ruff BG I did as a sample for a design opportunity. quick color blocking. weird colors because its for a P-Funk music video.


Napkin Art

Napkin art collaboration. Me and Andrew.


Another Sketch

Did this one in my Storyboard class tonight between pitches.

Tonight at Kyushu Ramen

Sketches inspired from the woodgrains of the walls at the restaurant.


Yet again.

Yet again. A bit closer to wat im lookin for. If you are all wondering why the drawings are not crisp. It is because i am sending them from my camera phone while im on break at my part-time job. Which may also explain some short hand that i may be using. Good times.

More agen


More of that gorilla.



Another character i want to develop.

From the ol sketch book. Some characters that i want to develop.



I went home this weekend and managed to find the color versions of the capullo style drawings from my previous post. I posted the two that look best. 2 more days til my film is due and unless I decide to change it a bit it will be posted this week.


Hansel and Gretel

Ill be posting random work at random times from now until May. I am working on my short film. Ill post my film and all of the development that went with it when I finish the Film. Lots of work to do, so for now enjoy this set of drawings.

These are a sequence of Hansel and Gretel drawings I did in Capullo style.

Beautiful World Poster part deux

For this one I wanted something without text to put into my portfolio. when I used the original and just removed the text it looked too plain, and the composition didn't work. I fixed that by resizing the sky to use it as a frame.


Beautiful World

Movie poster for my upcoming student short in May